1-2 hours / various dimensions, 2018 Tromsø, Norway. Accompanied by Jens Christian Kloster on bronselur
Photography: Magnus Vedå Wibe

This first episode of a series of works is a live episode, a ‘socio-symphonic’ act which challenges unconventional means of experience.
With the kind help from: Alfheim Svømmehall, Tromsø Kommune, Andrea Conradsen, Damla Kilichiran, Mikel Moriana, Davide Rapotez,
Jonas Bentzer, Mario Brehm, Emilie Ieremia, Anton Benua, Malin Nordström, Juliane Zelwies and Ruth Alexandra Aitken

Sometimes You're Invited to a Big Ball, 2018
60:00 min. HD video
Part of a cycle of works which look into different aspects of artistic production (here, with Ruth Alexander Aitken)

Thinking with Clay, 2017/2018
4:00 min. HD video
Part of a cycle of works which look into different aspects of artistic production

The Cleaning, 2018
22:00 min. HD video

Bókasafn (et studie i at være på ophold, holde op, og opholde sig) 2017 (in production)
A project on Hypomnema, also spelled hupomnema, which is a Greek word with several translations into English including a reminder,
a note, a public record, a commentary, an anecdotal record, a draft, a copy, and other variations on those terms.
*special thanks to Sólveig Sigurðardóttir

Captatio Benevolentiae (An opening note, an exergue, a preamble, foreword, theses and postscript) 2016 (Installation view @ BOUW Amsterdam 2016)
Performance with mixed media installation

Sly, cream, and golden /Plop!, 2016
Action during expedition around Magerøya, Norway. (Magerøya is a large island in Finnmark county, in the extreme northern part of Norway.
The island lies along the Barents Sea in Nordkapp Municipality, just north of the Porsanger Peninsula)

Publication, 25 cm x 36,5 cm. Produced as part of the exhibition Retrouvailles @Fanfare, Amsterdam 2016. I.c.w. Jessie Yingying Gong

Vaga Luna, che Inargenti (Beautiful Moon, Dappling with Silver), 2015-2016
5:00 min. single channel HD video
Opera singer: Capucine Chiaudani
Photography: Alexander Sedelnikov
Installation view @Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam 2016

Series of self-published booklets, 2015-2016
The Politics of Olive Oil, Camels and Pottery: their role in Building Civilizations *with Sitting Book
Towards Pink Potatoes *with Sitting Book
Day-to-Day Converser *with Martha Dimitratou

Surely, Several Options may Arise at the End of the Journey, 2014
3:20 min. HD video
with Joeri Leijdsman, Amsterdam 2014

Backstage (aka back stage), 2016 (installation view @Da Costakade 150, Amsterdam)
Temporary sculpture set up on the duration of the opening and 2day exhibition Retrouvailles at Da Costakade 150, Amsterdam